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This is….probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Pleeeeeeeease listen to it!


It started here.

Here’s a partial transcript, courtesy of Morning Edition:

Mr. Howe, I’m looking at the Monday issue, August 29, Page E6… It says “begins testing — Forest Service begins testing pilotless drone.” Mr Howe, is there any other kind of drone? (…)

Is there any other kind of drone, drone, other than a pilotless drone? Isn’t that what a drone is: an unmanned aircraft? Don’t you check these things? Don’t you supervise the subeditors who write these headlines? Don’t you do your job? (…)

Drone, drone, drone. Get it? Drone. Pilotless airplane. Drone, drone, drone — not pilotless drone! (…)

And here is a hilarious remix on YouTube:


5 thoughts on “PILOTLESS DRONE!!!!!

  1. Wow. I must admit, I do occasionally get a bit irritated at what I see in the newspaper (like when they present play on word puzzles and they don’t follow the rules!!!), but wow – I just imagine this poor man’s existence. No wonder we editor geek types get a bad rep!

  2. Hello!!

    It’s me…..just wanted you to know that I’m reading your blog….I agree 100% with your obervations on how Africa is portrayed in the media…..the Caribbean is treated the same way…..all the intelligence and substance, vibrancy and subtlety that make life here heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time are ignored, buried and thusly, insulted.

    Miss you lots and lots my friend,

    Love from Kathy.

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