no time for beauty

I almost wish I had never read this article. It is heart-breaking that people would have no time for beauty. Especially something as celestial as violin music, which by some miracle, made it to this dreary world.

read your own peril…

Joshua Bell plays incognito in Washington DC metro.


5 thoughts on “no time for beauty

  1. Ok…what do you think of the article’s title “Pearls before Breakfast”? I think an editor at the Washington Post has a Biblical mean streak, if you know what I mean.

  2. V, I am glad that I read this article. It made me sad to a degree, but is also yet another one of those very necessary signs from above in my life that remind me NOT to be a pilotless drone. As much as I would strive to be a person who does not need to be reminded to stop and make time for beauty, at least I am blessed enough to have the cosmos send me a very strong AHEM now and again – just like this article.

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