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Essa Peka and Dudamel

Something that’s been capturing my interest this past week is the LA Philharmonic conductor succession. First of all, their names are SO cool.

Esa-Pekka Salonen is the current (Finnish-born) conductor, to be replaced by Gustavo Dudamel in two years. Dudamel is 26 (most LA Philharmonic conductors have been in their mid-twenties) and is an international star. He’s been conducting since he was 13 (used to conduct 90 concerts a year at 13). He’s also wildly charismatic…check out what he said about his relationship to the LA Phil. Now this promises an exciting (and sexy) five years..

“We need to have our honeymoon together to make children. Then we have plenty of time to think about what we want to do (…)”

What cracks me up is the ripples that this made in the classical music world. Dudamel is so charismatic, he’s known for generating electrifying energy when he conducts betweent he musicians and the audience. People are comparing what’s happening in LA to an “earthquake”, Chicagoans are wringing their hands at having lost Dudamel. It’s this amazing hyper-dramatic saga worthy of Harry Potter in the choosing of Dudamel and the whole “he’s the ONE” thing.

Read this article. Just read them all, you’ll get a KICK! This thing is so much fun!


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