Mortal fear of shiny floors

I had to rent this movie from Netflix because of the description:

Calm and confident “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan reveals the secrets to raising a pet that won’t grow up to have issues in this fascinating National Geographic Channel series. The first season chronicles the rehabilitation of over 50 different dogs, from a chihuahua with a biting addiction to a towering Great Dane with a mortal fear of shiny floors. With Cesar’s know-how, no misbehaved dog is beyond repair.

Beth: what kind of phobia is that?


4 thoughts on “Mortal fear of shiny floors

  1. So the verdict is: the waxy floor-phobic great Dane is wonderful. Very very cute. THis first video is 4 hours long (Nic and I fast forwarded through most of it, watching only the big, cute dogs).

    Basically, Cesar Millan is very very talented. He does have a very valuable attitude of loving dogs immensely but having very firm boundaries about the owner being the leader of the pack, and discipline being more important to dogs and affection. There are some really fascinating tips in there, that both Nic and I found very valuable. In the end, it is common sense, but I did learn a lot! :-)

    Video was a bit cheesy though. Every new case he had, he would arrive at the dog owner’s house with his green sports SUV, and the camera would fix on the wheels as he braked. Cheese!

  2. V! miss you girl, being thinking about you a lot… havent called yet though, he :) I am married and happy, in NJ living the reality of the american dream… i miss my peru. my packed buses every second at the corner of everywhere, the markets the fruits, the smells, the colors… I am in Netflix too by the way… hugs!

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