May to January

So…this is what happened in the last 8 months:

January 2008: Nic’s birthday (Hash House in San Diego)

December 2007:

Rowan Elliot Williamson

November 2007: 4 Zein’s (my dad–far left–and uncle ready to go visit Mamie Bahia for her
81st birthday in Oregon)

October 2007: It’s all about costumes this month.

September 2007: Discovering College Football. Trojans game is unforgettable. The company made it amazing. Thanks David and Frank!!!

August 2007:
This is what 30 looks like.

July 2007: Ferret trips to Seal Beach and Los Alamitos to partake of beaches, and of course, the Wiener Nationals. MUST REPEAT IN 2008. One of the highlights of the year.

June 2007: Ferret visit to Pasadena. This is me trying to murder my brother by recycling him.


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