The process

I’ve been thinking about resurrecting blogging for a long time. I often visit back the page, start typing and lose interest. I’ve thought of migrating to a new blog, because I feel that I no longer have much in common with the girl who started this blog almost four years ago.

I realize now that blogging is a public process of discovering yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the loss of privacy in the explosion of online communities, and though at first I was very resistant–I grew up, after all, in an era where privacy was a possible alternative–and wanting to delete my Facebook, Flickr, Blog, and LinkedIn accounts, I embraced the loss of privacy in the measure that I still can control what I feel friends and strangers would benefit from my disclosing. It is still, after all, a form of community, and it is just starting. It’s this Web 2.0 that is returning to the original intent of all forms of communication: linking people together, creating communities.

What I find interesting is that this journey to technology collided with my parallel thinking about wilderness, and Into the Wild was the movie that made me return to sharing. If I have time I’ll share my thoughts on that later.

It is interesting in the sense that I find, more and more, that as original as I may wish to be, what I feel and experience, more often than not, is an experience, thought process shared by many. Many more than I would like to admit, still wanting to be “original” :-) All this to say, that the more you live in a CITY, in a megalopolis, a concrete jungle, an excessive urbanity like Los Angeles, the more you crave its opposite. Space, nature, wildlife, freedom as opposed to freeway exits.

I’ve been regularly visiting travel web sites, planning my week-long escape into Wyoming, because I am desperate to get out of Southern California, and I am slating it for Spring. I’ve always wanted to go to Wyoming, but more desperately in the year that I’ve been in LA.

As an aside, it may seem strange to some that though I live in Pasadena, which is not LA proper, I often refer to living in LA. Pasadena is an oasis, agreed. But my experience, the phenomenal power of growth that comes to me from living in a place so different to me, so opposite to so much of my core, is translated by me saying LA and not Pasadena. Regardless of where you live, in the Valley, on the Westside, in K -Town, in Pasadena, the “LA experience” is around you. It’s LA county, that incredibly complicated web, impossible to get out of, encompassing, sprawling, engulfing, that I need to be connected to, and that I need to refer to, to explain what I am going through. Pasadena doesn’t cut it. Pasadena doesn’t reflect that. It’s not overpowering enough, it is not what my experience looks like.


3 thoughts on “The process

  1. As much as I rather enjoyed being part of the ‘last word’ in the land of three-legged ducks (have dinner with me at PF Chang’s in Burbank – what else is there to say? That’s full self-actualization for you :)
    It is good to see you back.

    I hear what you’re saying about being original, and I think that while what you may have to discuss is not original per se, your voice, your particular take and way of writing is original. That you’re writing about things we all can identify with or maybe haven’t thought about in quite the same way is what adds the value. For me at least.

    So, please, keep going. I may be inspired to return to The Lodge as well :)


  2. “The more you see the less you know
    The less you find out as you go
    I knew much more then than I do now” – U2, “City Of Blinding Lights”

    We want you to keep blogging so we hear about the on-going adventures of one of our friends. So don’t worry too much about originality. If you could ever become boring, we’d just stop reading, and you’d never know.

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