California · driving

big sky and mountains

I figured out why I like it so much here. It’s a big city, BIG, and the sky is big, and the sun shines on the mountains. I used to go through a cycle in Paris where I’d feel like I was suffocating in my tiny apartment, with a view of other buildings, going in underground metros, to my office with a view of other buildings, escaping momentarily to high points in the city…to see more buildings. I’d run away every few months to the country-side to see mountains and wide open sky. In a lot of US cities on the west coast, you can have a big city and the mountains, and the ocean, and the BIG sky, even just by driving around. Seattle, San Francisco, LA. I just took this picture on Los Feliz Blvd, the other day, since it’s from my phone, it doesn’t do it justice: you can’t feel the gorgeous day, the clear crisp sun, the sun rays on the snow covered mountains in the back, the wind through the trees.


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