teenage crushes

I think no comment is necessary on my part. I justify nothing.

These were my teenage crushes:


3 thoughts on “teenage crushes

  1. wow. dude. you and i have NO overlaps. mine were:

    john lennon,
    robbie coltrane,
    sean bean, (oh my god i’m realizing they’re all english),
    david bowie,
    jeff buckley (phew! saved by an american!),
    gustav klimt,
    captain haddock (if we’re talking Tintin),
    and sydney carton.

    there. i said it.

  2. oh but i remembered two more (after starting to read your Under Siege review:

    Tommy Lee Jones (i think it was JFK, for some reason)

  3. WOW, Jean Claude Vandamme quand même.
    Moi je voulais carrement être Tintin petite.

    En ordre plus ou moins chronologique.

    David Duchovny.
    Nick Cave.
    Cary Grant.

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