An impact-less life


What do you think of this blog/experience?

This is the author’s summary of the experiment:

“My wife Michelle and I decided, before jumping in at the deep end of this year-long project, to try no impact living as an experiment for a week. No garbage. No greenhouse gasses. No toxins. No water pollution. No air pollution. No electricity. No produce shipped from distant lands. No impact. Or so we naively hoped.”

(They also avoided plastics)

I’ve been working on getting green over the past year, very gradually because I don’t enjoy how I react to extremes. And I build it up every couple of months. First I stopped buying bottled water, and refilled 5-gallon jugs, then I stopped using as much water or electricity and went online with all my statements, then I turned off my computer every night at work, and over the weekend. I followed by using reusable bags for everything, and most recently, using the dishwasher for all my washing, instead of hand-washing.

Glamour (I get free copies!) had 30 tips for going green, which makes up a nifty list:

1. Think outside the recycling box.
2. Sign up for online banking.
3. Shop online.
4. Buy local.
5. Switch to green power.
6. Adjust your thermostat.
7. Slow down on the road.
8. Pick up something vintage.
9. Skip meat once a week.
10. Switch to rechargeable batteries.
11. Stop the catalog insanity.
12. Buy makeup you can refill.
13. Order the good kind of fish.
14. Use online music stores and DVD clubs.
15. Pick up a reusable water bottle. C
16. Skip the screen saver.
17. Fix that broken thing.
18. Turn the washing machine to cold.
19. Get instantly ecosmarter. Check out greenmaven.com
20. Look for earth-friendly packaging.
21. Be kind to your wardrobe. (mend clothes)
22. Get some fun, cheap china.
23. Just say no to plastic bags–and paper ones. Solution: a tote.*****
24. Double-side and single-space.
25. Two words: power strip.
26. Walk, run or bike.
27. Make one green investment.
28. Go ahead and use the dishwasher.
29. Be a friend to a farmer. Join a CSA: find one at localharvest.org.
30. Hit the park on April 22, Earth Day.

***** This actually made me mad. On the left of this section in the magazine, they had three pictures of cute and trendy totes, that retailed for $60, $62 and $350 dollars. I wrote to the magazine saying that I had the cutest totes from TJ’s and Whole Foods and paid a whopping $0.99 and $1.99 for mine. I asked them to consider covering limiting over-spending and other un-necessary excesses when writing the next article on being kinder to our planet.


3 thoughts on “An impact-less life

  1. i don’t know how i feel about all of these … isn’t that the way it is now, though? that one has to weigh all these different factors in order to discover which REALLY TRULY has the least negative environmental impact.

    but i also love my TJ, safeway, and PCC totes.

  2. I really enjoyed following the No Impact Man site. I especially liked the post about Isabella’s Christmas, and there were a lot of good ones. I like how he didn’t move to a homestead, but did it in the city and was just as radical, while at the same time considering the whole issue of keeping life livable. Just for your info, we are starting to use totes in the F.C.

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