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Poppies in bloom!

You don’t have much time if you don’t want to miss them. This is what the Antelope Valley State Natural Preserve says on their web site:

The poppies are here!  We don’t have carpets of orange yet, but we have brilliant patches starting to fill in the south facing slopes, with blinding yellow swaths of goldfields covering hillsides and along the North Poppy Loop trail.  The west-facing slopes seem to have succumbed to grasses this year, and the flowers are buried among them.  Many other small wildflowers can be found along the walkways, such as tiny blue pygmy lupine, white forget-me-nots, yellow goldfields and wild parsley, and red maids.  The upper part of Lightening Bolt Trail is a good place to see wildflowers, with a beautiful purple field of lacy phaecelia at the top of Kitanemuk Point. The South Poppy Loop has fields of poppies and goldfields that bring a rich floral scent when the wind blows.

The park is open sunrise to sunset, $7 per car and is located here.

One last word of advice from the Preserve: “Be prepared for wicked strong winds and bring sunblock!”

I’m definitely going. But only because they used the words “wicked strong.” I bet the webmaster is from Boston.


3 thoughts on “Poppies in bloom!

  1. When are you going? I may have to hook you up with my photographer friend here at work who takes beautiful photographs.


    1. Mona-joon, I have to go next weekend, Sunday or Friday are my only free days. I’m leaving for Trinidad the weekend after and I missed the poppies the last two years. Let me know if your friend is free then. I am also free Thursday morning, and Saturday if we leave REALLY early and are back before 2 PM.

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