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Zephyr Cafe – Pasadena


Zephyr cafe and its mini-art gallery is a great Pasadena coffee shop. It’s perfect for a weekend afternoon with the paper and a good friend for conversation. I brought Miss D. here today, after a fantastic brunch at Marston’s (I’ll post on that another day). Here eyes lit up when I described a converted house, with intimate rooms and comfortable couches, hardwood floors throughout. Miss D. is from Portland, and this classified as a “Portland coffee house.”

Drinks are lovely, sitting is fantastic inside and out, in the cobblestone courtyard. If it’s good enough for Miss D. it’s good enough for you. Check it out. But don’t spread the word too wide, it’s nice and cozy now.



3 thoughts on “Zephyr Cafe – Pasadena

  1. I just thought of something, looking at the first picture of the cafe. T. told me today that ten years ago, you couldn’t see the San Gabriel mountains because the smog was so bad. LA still has the second worst air quality of any city in the US, but in ten years, at least we got visibility on the mountains. Maybe there is hope yet.

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