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Pocket Park – hidden corner of LA

Sam Hall Kaplan, the roving City critic for Off-Ramp and John Rabe discuss Pocket Park. It’s between Angels Flight and the Pershing Square metro stop on Hill.

It’s a very small area, a quarter of an acre, and not very impressive, but there are two reasons I’m posting this here: Downtown LA is changing, very slowly, but it’s always something, and I love cow-path urban design, which Kaplan mentions in the video. I’d never heard that term before, but I love it.

Cow-path urban design seems like a fantastic answer to anyone who’s ever cut across a manicured grassy area from one illogical pathway to another and wondered why they didn’t dig the path you just created. Why not do this for all our public spaces and university campuses? Plant grass everywhere, let the public use it for a year, and then pave over the paths that they have created.

I heard that is how Cornell University’s green was designed, and always loved that idea. Don’t fight people, work with them.

Here’s the map: (there’s a small Mexican restaurant nearby)

This is the map of where Pocket Park is located, at the intersection of West 3rd and South Hill Streets:


2 thoughts on “Pocket Park – hidden corner of LA

  1. I think this is the basis of DC’s city streets; that’s why they are all over. It is logical even though it is not easy to drive where cows like to have roamed.

    1. LOL! Gosh, DC is just a nightmare. Cowpaths only work for park paths. Streets should be blocks. I totally agree with you!

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