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Join a Meetup group or three

I recently joined three Meetups: One is focused on going to indie movies, one is focused on learning about the craft of movies, discussing them and organizing conferences and the last one is a language/cultural Meetup group for French Africans and French Arabs. I qualify for both criteria since I’m half-Middle Eastern, I’m French and I grew up in Congo.

I decided to join Meetups after a number of social networking sites disappointed me. I figured making friends while doing something I was interested in was a better direction to go in, and I was right.

I went to see Adventureland with SoCal Movie Fanatics, which was an amazing time. I recommend this group very highly, they have over 845 members, and are very active, they multiple events every weekend.

On Saturday at 10:30 AM, SCMF Eclectic Cinema, a parent Meetup group to SoCal Movie Fanatics (SCMF) is doing a showing of Rear Window, the Hitchcock movie, at the Laemmle 7 Playhouse movie theater in Pasadena.

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! So come and enjoy it!! Tickets will be on sale at the Box office but they might sell out, so if you’re definitely coming, buy your tickets online here.

Give it a whirl. Meet fun people, doing things you would already be doing on your own!


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