Comic relief · LA life

chicken coops and kids

A little activism does a soul good. I’m a member of Greenpeace for many reasons. I try to produce as little waste as I can, and I live in LA, so my car-centered life-style has made me a lot more environmentally aware. Becoming a part of Greenpeace has been a fantastic experience, and I didn’t expect how much sunshine they would bring into my life every month. They have dozens of petitions that you can sign online for clean energy, releasing activists that have been unjustly imprisoned, saving the boreal forest, stopping whaling, and occasionally they have ADORABLE videos like this one. I laughed when I saw how excited the kids were about chicken coops, so I posted it up as a small dose of comic relief.

You should join too. Ten bucks a month, lots of smiles, and making a huge difference. It’s all true.


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