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Parking signs – Pasadena

For anyone living in LA, this will be a funny series. We have some of the most complicated, dumb, illogical parking restrictions I’ve ever seen and often, you have to walk up and down a block and read a couple of signs to figure out if you can or cannot park, and if you can, for how long.

This one is going to be an “ah-ha” for anyone who’s gotten a ticket in Pasadena for overnight parking. These elusive signs are posted only on the freeway exits, as you enter the city, and nowhere else. You are meant to know that all Pasadena streets are “no parking from 2 to 6 AM”, even though the sign will not appear on the streets. Exempt streets are indicated as such.




6 thoughts on “Parking signs – Pasadena

    1. oh man… really takes brain power and focus to find out if you can or can’t park somewhere in this place.

  1. i got a ticket in pasadena. it’s a fricken racket. there are no signs on the street i parked on. it’s ridiculous. who is reading parking signs when they are exiting streets miles from a parking spot. it’s ridiculous. i should author a state bill requiring cities to post signs within 50 yards of every applicable spot. it’s just a money grab like bell to take money from innocent hard working people.

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