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This is no joke–and it’s pronounced “Seriously”!

(Their website is still under construction, I’ve pasted the link at the bottom of the story, but it’s garishly colored, so…be forewarned)

Got to thank my friend Art for this one…check out the CBS write-up:

If you’re looking for a fun new date spot, a great place to take the kids ā€“ or if you’re looking to be a big kid yourself ā€“ head over to Cereal-O-Sly (pronounced seriously) in North Hollywood.

This cool, new cereal bar allows to create your own combinations of favorites such as Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp and Count Chocula.

You can even recline in oversized chairs and watch TV.

Cereal-O-Sly (Web site coming soon), 11118 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, 818.763.6783


4 thoughts on “Cereal-O-Sly

  1. Man, people are so creative, just love it! I hope they do well. I will check them out if I am in the area. Cereals are just my favorite foods. YUMMM

  2. OMGodness, ive been there a few times with my girlfriend. Its amazing and the lady (forgot her name!!!) is so awesome. I cant believe they closed, tho :(( if anyone knows about her or her contact, pleeeease let me know :)

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