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Amandine is a French-esque cafe located in Santa Monica. I stopped there when I had a “FAIL” with my Michael Jackson exhibit aspirations, and had green tea and a slice of “tarte au citron.” I discovered a few years ago that I loved lemon desserts and since then, I’ve sampled them wherever I’ve gone, but this one, let me tell you. It’s worth the drive. I’m quite bummed I’ve discovered it now, because the next time I crave it, I know exactly how far I have to drive to satiate that urge. But it would be so worth it…

The pie crust is buttery and crumbly, absolutely fantastic, and the lemon base is tart but not key-lime-pie-tart. The meringue on the top has bits of lemon zest, and the whole thing is light, airy and so good on a sunny crisp Santa Monica day.

Here are a few fun pictures!







Here is the map and the address and info is below:

12225 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 979-3211

* approximate times

Before you click on their website: BEWARE! They’re “one of those” websites that have horrible music playing—-WHY do people still do that??!?!. The mute button is on the lower right side. There’s no real reason to go visit their site, but I’m putting it there anyway.


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