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Back from Trinidad

Here are my top pictures from Trinidad, just popping in to say HELLO! and I’ll be updating this blog in a couple of days once I’ve caught up with LA life. Let it be known that I miss the Caribbean already.

The beach at Maracas:


A funny sign near Port of Spain:


A Blue Devil (traditional Trinidadian Carnival character) at a cultural event:


The view of the beach at Speyside in Tobago, from Jemma’s Tree House restaurant:


The resort of Salybia near Toco beach in Trinidad:


Scary tourist eating chocolate-flavored coconut ice cream:


Weathered bench at Fort Bennett in Tobago:


Abandoned bicycle wheel on Grafton beach in Tobago:



5 thoughts on “Back from Trinidad

    1. you are so right. It was so much fun. :-) The best part was that the pool was 4 feet deep so you didn’t even need to swim, you could just walk around, lazing your steps around and around.

  1. man, that beach picture is nuts!! that looks like some kind of amazing resort. Wow, you must have had a ton of fun.

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