il Divo

The Godfather has been ousted as seminal mob movie in my repertoire.

I have never seen a movie that I wished I had made at every moment. Il Divo felt to me like a shot of pure adrenalin, alive in every frame and sound.

3 pieces of advice before you head out to see this masterpiece:

1) Read up thoroughly on Giulio Andreotti if you don’t want to be confused. There are hundreds of Italian names thrown out during the movie, and it is extremely confusing. I was thoroughly confused the entire movie, but it didn’t deter me from enjoying it from beginning to end.

2) Be prepared to read a lot. The movie is in subtitles, of course because it’s in Italian, but beyond that, throughout the entire movie, there are important notes that show up next to the names of every important character in the movie, and the introductory and concluding notes are very very long to read. So long in fact that audience members laughed at the sheer amount of reading before the movie. No joke.

3) Pay special attention to the angle of the shots, the framing, the movement of Andreotti through the frames, and the music and sound effects. I’ve rarely seen such perfection. I am seeing this movie again in a couple of days. It’s that good.


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