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Annual LA River Cleanup!

This Saturday, May 9, 2009 from 9:00 AM to noon is the 20th anniversary of the LA River cleanup project by FoLAR (Friends of the LA River) and thousands of people are meeting at sites all along the river to clean it up. They clean up about 30 tons of trash every year. You can go to the site to get more information, but here are some of the main cleanup sites:

A little history on the LA River:

c. 800B.C.
Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe settles along the Los Angeles River

Portola Expedition finds a “good sized, full flowing River,” lined with lush greenery. [The river used to meander through wetlands and marshes and be home to grizzlies, and full of fish]

Floods take 85 lives and cause $23 million in property damage.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers builds a concrete channel for the River and major tributaries, and storm drains channel rainfall into the River. [This basically kills the rich ecosystem and turns the huge river into the world’s largest storm drain]

City of L.A. adopts the L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan which designs a 32-mile greenway from Canoga Park through downtown L.A. to Vernon.


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