Do people skateboard in other cities?

Do they use a skateboard as a primary mode of transportation?

I was kind of out of it on my way to school this morning, wayyyy too early for me at 7:30 AM, and I saw all these kids on skateboards going to school, girls, guys. And it hit me. When I was in Paris, in Haifa, even in Philadelphia, I never used to see skaters. The cities were too hilly, or too cramped or too rainy for skateboards. LA is pretty perfect when it comes to that: sunny all year, pretty flat, wide sidewalks. That, and the fact it was invented here.

But for some reason, this morning, driving to work, it hit me how over the course of my last three years in california, I just got so used to seeing skaters when it is a pretty unusual sight outside of California.


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