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Thursday adventures

Playing hooky from classes today, the original idea was to go shooting for the photo assignments.

This is the itinerary we ran around LA:

1. Coffee at Zephyr, then planning a rogue trip to the pet store to get healthy turtle food. For secret project. Unplanned events: V. loses first jar of turtle food in the store, and discovers there is such a thing as DOG YOGURT. The world is officially on the brink of the end of days. This is not a good sign.

Leaf in the mini-pond at Zephyr cafe:

zephyr leaf

The sign of Armageddon: dog yogurt!

dog yogurt

2. Illegally feeding the smartest turtles in the world from the Caltech pond, but then pretending nothing happened when friendly guard comes along. At least we weren’t feeding them hamburgers, though they probably would have preferred it.

Score this picture:


3. Other fantastic Caltech pictures. Good place to chill, and have no money fun. Or buy contraband turtle food for $4 and try not to get caught. Very statisfying.

Caltech grasshopper:


Aztec design on Administration building:

aztech caltech

Eucalyptus tree outside same building:

caltech tree

Lily pond detail:


4. Head to Taylor Yards and the flowing LA River as options for photoshoot. Unfortunately, it would look too flat on Black and White, so we headed to Freestyle Camera, the mecca of photographers, and got some fun camera toys.

Picture of LA River at Taylor Yards from last weekend when we had the river cleanup:

Taylor yards

5. Had lunch at Roscoe’s house of chicken and waffles, the food was so good.

Not to make anyone hungry, here is an abstract picture of the decor:


6. On to Heritage Square, a fantastic part of LA. The houses are the oldest in California and were transported here. It’s still not clear whether or not we can visit, but you can get information here. These are the few shots I got, which I love.

Old rusted car:



Urban river looking south on the other side of the 110 towards Downtown:

LA River

7. Head to the South Pasadena Farmer’s market on Mission street, have icee, watch man blow bubbles, feel like you’re four again, and meet a GREAT family from the home continent. Life is beautiful.

8. Head home, pick up old friend, eat at In’n’Out, revel in warm California evening, head to Laemmle and watch Tyson for the second time. Die happy.

Marquee at the Laemmle:



9 thoughts on “Thursday adventures

  1. To answer your question, you can visit Heritage Square Museum any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 12-4. If you stop by this Sunday, May 17, admission is free for MOTA Day (although the crowds will be large, just a warning). Otherwise, admission is $8-$10 with a guided tour.

    1. Brian, thank you SO much! I’m going to visit Heritage Square as soon as I can. :-) Thanks for reading!!

  2. Dog Yoghurt! My cats eat people yoghurt! Maybe there is beef in the dog yoghurt?

    Those lucky Caltech turtles…why didn’t you look me up?

    Love the grasshopper…and so you liked Roscoe’s chicken and waffle. I cannot bring myself to go there because the combination sounds too weird to my tastebuds.


    1. I’ll look you up next week when I’m on campus, maybe we can go have coffee???

      Actually, the combination is kind of strange at Roscoe’s but you can forego the waffles for chicken and a biscuit. It’s much better. ANd a side of Mac and Cheese!

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