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Mr. Bean’s car and the Banana museum

Tina and I decided to go see a photography exhibit in Riverside (I posted about it here) but of course, this being a Friday on a long holiday weekend, the 10 freeway was jammed. So we exited, and decided to make up our own adventures, and as we exit, we see THIS:


We couldn’t believe our luck! So we passed by the driver and enthusiastically gave him kisses and thumbs up and happy honks, and exited the jammed freeway very happy with our decision.

Driving through the streets of Claremont, we found a rusted old car that I had to take a picture of because it sort of looked wedged into the bushes:

ghetto car

Tina and I kept driving and laughing at random things. I recounted to her the Office episode where Jim sends Dwight faxes on his own letterhead from Future Dwight, and we both laughed abou that for a while. We finally got back to Pasadena and stopped in at Roscoe’s for a quick late lunch. We managed to enjoy our food even with the terrible art in the place:

ghetto roscoes

Jonathan came through for us and texted us the address and phone number of the Banana museum, and we headed up North El Molino to experience the randomness. Of course the economy of the last few months has taken a toll on the most original among us and the Banana museum moved to Riverside. Maybe when we eventually make it for the photography exhibit we can make it a double-whammee and see it too!

So on our way back, we stopped at Bulgarini gelato and enjoyed some random flavors (Olive oil yogurt gelato and pomegranate granita) which were very good, although in retrospect cocoa would have been better than a yogurt flavor with the delicious pomegranate.

So that was our road trip. Random and Congostyle. Just the way I like it!


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