My squirrel visitor

My friend Art and I have been on a mission to feed all the animals in Pasadena. Caltech turtles, PCC squirrels. Now I have two bird feeders and I’ve put out peanuts in a bowl on my balcony for my cute squirrels but they haven’t found them…until TODAY!

So I was watching Auntie Mame and laughing, when all of a sudden, my eye caught something moving on my balcony. And there it was, a cute squirrel, eating a peanut diligently with its little hands. I turned the video on and got these two really funny clips. Notice how the Auntie Mame soundrack seems perfect!

This is the first video: squirrel gets freaked out by bowl

This is the second video: squirrel SUCCESS!

update later in the day: Third video, she is now a regular!!

PS: name suggestions please? Mangoferret, I’m looking at you!


8 thoughts on “My squirrel visitor

    1. Funny thing is I totally didn’t edit the music! I forgot I was watching the movie, and it just happened to be playing perfectly in sync with the little squirrel adventure!

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