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My Trinidad movie


This took me hours to make! It’s my first try at a video, the quality isn’t great, but you’ll get a feel of Trinidad, thanks in part to the carnival and steel band videos and the Machel soundtrack!



10 thoughts on “My Trinidad movie

  1. i loved the pictures, great bathing suit, i could have molted into the screen for the food; loved, loved, loved the flowers; whole thing wonderful; thanks to two great young women!

    1. haha! Love your comment Esther, the food was indeed AMAZING. Being with Kathy the whole time was pretty fantastic, but the food…she’ll tell you I ate my body weight in food while I was there!!!!!!!

    1. I hope so too! Maybe it will be easier the second time around! :-) my little crappy point and shoot camera doesn’t do a great job, but we’ll see what we can do!

  2. Thanks for the good intro to Tri & Tob – & your lovely friend. Looks like you had a very enjoyable time – & then did the vid! What a good start!!!

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