I’ll be the first to acknowledge I’ve often dissed Tarantino. I loved Pulp Fiction but haven’t really liked anything he’s done since, until Deathproof, which I found, in one word, genius.

To me, this is him in perfect form (apart, of course, from his insistence at casting himself in his movies, his acting is forced and uncomfortable and I usually can’t wait for him to get off the screen). Perfect soundtrack, great casting, awesome lines, Americana in full force, with the muscle cars and car chase genres extolled to the max.

Reasons to see the movie: the cars, the hospital scene with the Texan sheriff, Sydney Poitier’s daughter, the car chase and Zoe Bell’s incredible stunt, Kurt Russell.

It’s violent, raw, often hilarious, and completely worth watching if you don’t mind flying body parts and gory scenes. It’s well worth it.

Deathproof soundtrack:

listen 1. The Last Race Jack Nitzsche
listen 2. Baby It’s You Smith
listen 3. Paranoia Prima Ennio Morricone
listen 4. Planning & Scheming Eli Roth & Michael Bacall
listen 5. Jeepster T. Rex
listen 6. Stuntman Mike Rose McGowan & Kurt Russell
listen 7. Staggolee Pacific Gas & Electric
listen 8. The Love You Save [May Be Your Own] Joe Tex
listen 9. Good Love, Bad Love Eddie Floyd
listen 10. Down In Mexico The Coasters
listen 11. Hold Tight! Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich
listen 12. Sally And Jack [From The Motion Picture Blow Out] Pino Donaggio
listen 13. It’s So Easy Willy Deville
listen 14. Whatever-However Tracie Thoms & Zoe Bell
listen 15. Riot In Thunder Alley Eddie Beram
listen 16. Chick Habit April March

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