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Dan Eldon (former PCC student, holla!)

I just found out tonight that one of my favorite artists, Dan Eldon went to PCC in 1988! How cool is that?

You should all read his biography. This guy is a real inspiration. He grew up in Kenya, pursued his schooling all over the US and London (after PCC he went to UCLA, Iowa and some other places) and he was a photojournalist for some time. He traveled across Africa in a jeep, started all kinds of charities and promoted so many causes, and had a fantastic personality that had him dubbed the “Mayor of Mogadischu” when he lived in Somalia. He died at 23 in a mob stoning, but his work has inspired thousands, and his journals are absolutely stunning. He kept collage journals of his travels and experiences consistently from the age of 15 to his death, and they are true works of art.

You can browse through his journals here.


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