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hit by bus

I was driving home from Koreatown on the 110 Northbound today, after a fantastic lunch with my sweet and badass, next-big-thing-in-rock friend Luis today when my car was rear-ended by a bus.

Yup, a big, blue, LAX Flyaway bus no less. The driver didn’t even notice he rear-ended me, and took the 6th street exit. Meanwhile, I took the 3rd street exit, dialed 911, shaking with anger and shock, and waited for the CHP. Three cop cars came, with six cops, I gave them the physical description of the bus driver, and the license plate that I read off the bus (which apparently came off wrong, I must have inverted numbers). They took my information and gave me a police report ID number. Then I called my insurance and they gave me a claim number.

Four things stand out from this experience:

1) I kept thinking of the delicious Korean BBQ I ate with Luis in K-Town.

2) One of the cops had an iPhone, which I commented on, and he said they were so useful for cops.

3)I overheard the cops talk and say “It was a BO number” referring to the bus license plate number. when I asked them what “BO” meant, they said “it’s cop speak” then I asked, “what does it stand for?” and they said they weren’t really sure. Probably “Bad Operation”, but it’s a slang they use for any mistake.

4) One of the cops told me “I don’t mean to sound like I’m taking his side, but that’s kind of what bumpers are for.”


16 thoughts on “hit by bus

  1. VIOLETTA! we hope you’re okay. but shaun imagined you were on a bike. me? somehow i read, “rear-ended by a bus” and imagined you standing on a curb, about to cross the road, when a bus backed into you a little bit. SO now i’m very glad that you had the protection of a hunk of metal.

    1. Hi there! I was hit while I was driving my car, so yeah, rear-ended. It was such an annoying experience to say the least. The bus driver didn’t realize he hit me. I’m not really sure I get how he missed that fact, since my car HOPPED forward, but when I turned my hazards on and turned around to gesture at him, he shrugged his shoulders in a “what, lady?” attitude. I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

  2. WHAT?! At least there wasn’t a puppy involved. Are you OK?! I’m cracking up about your four random things. I often think of really good food I just ate even when it seems inappropriate….mmmm….crispy beef….

    “I don’t mean to sound like I’m taking his side, but that’s kind of what bumpers are for.”— hahahhahhahahhahahh….this is just priceless.

    1. GIRRRRRRRL, you totally rock. I’m laughing reading your comment. CRISPY BEEF! I really should post pics of that Korean BBQ. It was H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y!

  3. Oh no! V! Are you OK? Was the impact hard? I’m so sorry to hear that. Stupid driver! Argghhhh!!!! Good job for remembering all the details for the police. I can’t believe the cop’s rxn about the bumper, he sounded like a bit of an ass. Any impact shouldn’t happen, period. Love ya! Take care out there!!!

  4. Wow girl! I’ve been saying prayers for tests and difficulties in the Shrines for your family. I think there was a miscommunication, and I should be more specific in that not that you need MORE tests and diffuculties, but just need to cope with the ones you have. Geez!!!!

    Big warm hugs from me!!!

    1. LOL! That’s hilarious! Did I tell you the story about me saying the Fire Tablet for my parent’s problems, and then their house caught on fire? I called them and apologized…maybe I needed to be more specific too!

  5. Sounds like you are OK, I hope, and it seems like your innate curiosity is at work even during an accident. You are CUTE as can be.

    Watch out girlfriend.

  6. You scared me with the “hit by bus” title!!! But then I figured since you’re able to write this … you should be ok :) Poor thing, you did good calling the cops. Did you hurt your back from the shock? Hope not. What a stupid bus driver … So which place did you eat that great Korean bbq? :)

  7. “That’s what bumpers are for….” Reminds me of what I always say (out loud to myself) whenever Im parallel parking and ram into the car parked behind me…..not that Im taking the bus drivers side or anything :)

  8. I am glad you are okay and always in good humor!!! The worst is that the bus didn’t even notice! And I don’t think car bumpers are designed to fend off buses!!

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