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the weather men

I was at OSH again today to pick up another brackets for my hummingbird feeder. They’re coming up to my balcony now that the finches have found their feeder. With the hummingbirds, the finches and the squirrels, I’m turning into a regular Snow White! Who says there isn’t wildlife in LA?

Anyway. I figured out this great trick to fix the metal brackets to my metal balcony railing, by using hose clamps.

So I’m in the hose/hose crap/hose clamp aisle at OSH and there’s a friendly OSH guy there, and this is what our conversation went like:

Me: Those hose clamps are awesome!

Friendly OSH guy: yeah, they are.

Me: So, what’s with this crappy weather?

Friendly OSH guy: Tell me about it.

Me: Don’t you guys have connections with the weather guys? Can’t you tell them to bring back the sun?

Friendly OSH guy: We tried, but they’re from Northern California.

Me: Jealous bastards.

Friendly OSH guy: Exactly.

I even picked up 1-inch hose clamps to use as Congostyle jewelry.


Photo 214

Snow White YO!

Photo 217

Robot chic detail


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