Last day

This is what I did on my last day in Pasadena:

  • Got up with a thrown-out back and could not get up
  • Took a boiling hot shower thinking it would loosen the somehow sprained muscles
  • Left home at 10:30
  • Went to PetCo to get toys and “don’t pee here” spray for Tommy The Naughty Confused Mutt Puppy
  • Fell in love with saltwater aquariums with live pulsating corals, clown fish and lemon peel fish, crabs and shrimp
  • Realized they cost thousands of dollars
  • Ate a ridiculously cheap lunch of BLT at Subway
  • Got gifts for our close family friends
  • Came home writhing in pain
  • Cuddled up to the patio window with magic prescription painkillers and fell asleep with finches chirping for three hours
  • My friend came by to get the keys to the flat
  • Watched and disliked Planet Terror
  • Did three loads of laundry
  • Nearly finished packing my suitcases
  • Packed away all my clothes that are staying behind to make room in my closet and cupboards for my lovely house sitter
  • Made a terrible dish of pasta and salad and ate it anyway
  • Watched Pepito the Mexican Squirrel eat dried corn kernels facing me on the other side of the window
  • Went to see Away We Go with Art and Lu – movie is amazing, you must all see it
  • Ate one last beloved Double Double animal style at In’n’Out
  • Caught 9 green traffic lights on the way home driving on a deserted Walnut street, listening to a fascinating story on the BBC about a Cuban activist who deceived Castro’s son by pretending to be a Colombian chick; he’s trying to make this into a meaningful political statement, but it really just reads like a high-school prank. Sorry, esse.
  • Got home at 1 AM

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