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Paris at 5:49 AM

I  broke down and bought a day pass for wifi. I couldn’t sleep anymore, I caught up on my sleep deprivation and have been wide awake for an hour.

Landing in Paris last night was not something I was looking forward to. I had to get my luggage, get on the Air France Bus, get to the hotel…but of course, I forgot I am in Europe, where public transportation is actually practucal. The airport was perfectly well organized, I got off the plane, went through an empty security check, made a left and arrived at our baggage claim. I waited about five minutes, and then exited and found the Air France bus five minutes later. The driver was very funny and friendly, and I realized what I’ve missed about France. There is an underlying sense of humor about everything people say. Even business people, talking on the phone are always semi-joking about things. Sarcasm and subtle jokes are everywhere.

This is a good example: I went up to a guard at the Musee d’Orsay when my family was with me and asked him “Where is Van Gogh?” the guard turned to me and without a moment’s hesitation replied “Van Gogh is dead.”

I sat next to a fun older woman, and we talked about the second World War, she telling me stories of her childhood, and my sharing stories my grandma told me about being a cop in Vichy, in occupied France. It went by fast, and I got to the hotel painlessly.

Then I went out for an Indian dinner at the restaurant up the street, and completely content, went straight to bed.

I looked at my schedule last night, and I have 12 hours in Casablanca! I guess that means I get to leave the airport and explore. I plan on eating massive amounts of Moroccan food and sweet mint tea.

Then…I have to go through the ordeal of entering Congo. OH BOY.


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