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Monkey business

It looks like I’m going to be able to organize a trip to Konkouaty and visit the Jane Goodall Chimpounga chimpanzee reserve about 30 miles north of Pointe-Noire along the Atlantic Coast. That’s jungle travel right there. It’s hours of off-roading to get to a place with no electricity or water, in the middle of nowhere, and the minimum trip is four days. You better pray that nothing happens to you over there, because you are as far away from civilization as you would ever want to be. And those monkeys have opposable thumbs. You know how freaky that is to me.


This is excerpted from the Jane Goodall institute website: (html tagging is also a pain down here so just go to 

Built for JGI by Conoco in 1992, Tchimpounga is situated on a coastal plain of savannah and galleried mosaic forest patches. The sanctuary is located 31 miles (50km) north of Pointe Noire in the region of Kouilou, Republic of Congo and is the largest chimpanzee sanctuary on the African continent. Currently the sanctuary is housing 115 orphaned chimpanzees – a number that is rapidly growing. Over the last two years, we have had 40 chimpanzees brought to our sanctuary, and in the past year alone, we have seen more than a 20 percent increase in the chimpanzee population at the sanctuary.

For more than ten years, the Tchimpounga Sanctuary has provided a refuge in the Congo Basin for chimpanzees orphaned by the bushmeat trade. In most cases, the Congolese authorities deliver the chimpanzees to the sanctuary after confiscating them from hunters trying to sell the young chimps into the pet or entertainment trades.


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