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Conversation with dad

This is a conversation I had with dad yesterday afternoon:

Me: I almost just caused an accident and it wasn’t even my fault.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: I was waiting on the side of the road to cross over, and there was a taxi, a mini-bus and a white guy in a pickup truck. I was minding my own business and I was going to wait for them to go by, but the cab just slammed on the brakes, and the minibus decided to accelerate and take him over on the left, but then saw me and slammed on his brake and got wedged at an angle behind the cab. Then the white dude almost ran into the minibus.

Dad: What happened?

Me: So I just crossed! It was such a mess. So, I was thinking.

Dad: About what?

Me: Well…when you’re in the States, if you’re not working, you basically spend your time eating and thinking about food or shopping or thinking about stuff to buy and here you can’t do any of that stuff, so you have to figure out other stuff to do.

Dad: You can do that stuff.

Me: Not really…where’s Borders or a nice sit-down coffee shop?

Dad: No, now you can’t talk about Borders. Books is what I buy when I go to the States and then I stash them in my room and read them slowly.

Me: Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about.

Dad: Basically here, you have two strategies. The Electricity Strategy and the Candle Strategy. You have the stuff you can do when there is power, like watching a movie, following tennis or listening to the news, getting on the internet. And then you have the Candle Strategy where you have your books and your accumulated newspapers, your Sudoku, and you have to be perfectly happy doing both.

Me: That’s a good strategy.


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