sick on a trip

I don’t like being sick on a trip because I’m not as comfortable as when I’m at home. I never like being sick, anyway. I’ve been sick so much, I’m pretty sure, after hours of internet, that I know what it is. I got some sort of E-Coli bacteria with a meat I ate (the times I wish I was a vegetarian), because all my symptoms check out. The treatment is basically: drink lots of water and don’t take over the counter medication. 

So I’ve been pretty sick, and sleeping a lot, getting better at computer card games, getting online and wasting time, in between bouts of feeling better and strutting around the town with mom. But when I get sick, all I want to do is lie down and sleep and stay in my PJ’s. That’s basically what I did in Morocco on my 12-hour layover. I had wanted to discover Casablanca, having dreamt of that moment for at least twenty years since I first saw Bogart walk into Ric’s Cafe Americain, but when I get sick, I just curl up and sleep. 

So today’s post of the day is a boring post about being sick on a trip. It’s even lame because I repeat the same words over and over again like “sick” “trip” “sleep” and “like”. 

One positive point: the yeast medication I’m taking to soothe my digestive tract comes in a nice old-timey glass bottle, that is so pretty I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. Can’t you just imagine it coming straight out of an apothecary?

Boring life.



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