Nothing smells like much in California unless you’re walking. I’ve started walking to think more clearly and get more exercise, and I’ve noticed all the smells I’ve been missing in my car all these months. When I walk out of my apartment, I’ll quickly smell the woody acid scent of the jacaranda flowers, fallen and… Continue reading scents



I’m out of sorts, out of breath almost, as if I had run a long race but I haven’t. A young man with golden piercings on his beautiful face hugged me when I declined to sign his petition, and the Apple store employee asked me why I looked down. He said he empathized. Later in… Continue reading hope



An old Spiderman, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes with a dirty sagging costume, gaping around his spindly legs. Cheap tee-shirts piled onto tables, three-for-eleven-ninety-nine, underneath cardboard cut-outs of Edward from Twilight. An old broken-down black Toyota speeds around the corner, making a right on red, with the entire car singing a disco tune, Diana Ross or Dionne… Continue reading Hollywood