Meeting people

In the parking lot of a photo store today, we made an acquaintance. My friend is visiting from Paris, and is following his passion for music. He struck up a friendly conversation with a guy coming out of his car, and we ended up talking, the three of us, for twenty minutes in the parking lot, in the afternoon sun.

We talked about choosing a new career, moving, raising a family, the years going by, French and American culture, music and film, finance and the world economy, living in Los Angeles, following our passion or finding it.

I was thinking about this meeting again tonight, and how wonderful it is to meet new people, especially people like this person, whose genuine kindness just gives you more energy to go on with your day. He and my friend will stay in touch, hopefully, but even just our short afternoon encounter served to make LA a smaller place for my friend, maybe even helped him to see himself at home here, making friends and meeting people on his own.

This is just a short post, but I need to keep writing, keep focusing on the positive, just one step at a time, every day for the next little while.


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