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First a ticket, then my car gets hit in the same week and both times it was parked. The person who hit me was honest enough to leave their number, but I’m thinking about the dangers of motionlessness these days. Any number of accidents could have happened throughout the week while I was driving my car, any number of more dangerous ones in fact. I could have gotten a speeding ticket instead of a parking ticket. I could have had a freeway hit-and-run accident.

But twice this week, something bad happened to my car when it was at a standstill. Being at a standstill myself right now, I’m taking that as a warning. Sometimes it’s worse to stop moving. I was talking to a friend a few days ago and told him I had changed my mind about the concept of waiting. I’ve been in a waiting stance, at times meditative and at times not, through my studies and my mild job search, thinking that eventually the right direction, the right job, the right move to make would become apparent to me. I expected this to somehow hit me across the head with obviousness.

Now I realize that things can hit you will you’re at a standstill and that they can sometimes not be the ones you are expecting, bad things can hit you and you’ll be a sitting duck. Moving makes any chance of impact more dangerous, but at least you’re going somewhere. I know I’m back in California on a side note, because when I don’t have much to say, I can always just talk about driving.


3 thoughts on “Impact

  1. Maybe being “standstill” is merely an illusion. The lack of motion is motion in relation to a moving object. Moving is good, and probably safer too, the maneuverability alone is worth it. Always merge with adequate speed!

    1. That, my friend is the key point: maneuverability. I had a friend who always said, in order to change directions you have to be in motion. You can’t change directions when you’re at a standstill. But I like your idea of standstill being an illusion, which it is, in a way. Even if you’re not moving, your cells are, your body is, in a way, aging, so not everything stays the same, ever, in the natural world.

  2. The nature of the natural world: certain things are made to be moving, and certain things are not. I suppose people are. We all move, I’m no where near by birth place, neither are you. And I suppose things like cattle or poultry aren’t, at least not anymore, they tend to worth more dead than alive.

    So, move on, my dear. We’ve all gone across a few oceans so far, why stop now? And godspeed!

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