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postal images

From the archives…I found this paragraph of a gift we sent our mailman about 8 years ago, while I was looking through and sorting old documents on my computer. It has to do with snail mail, always a favorite topic of mine. It’s a sweet story.

Beth—my beloved flat-mate—and I decided to give our “regular mailman”
a homemade Christmas greeting. We put together a beautiful card (from
the Sierra Club desk calendar) of wintery snow and icicle-covered
pines with wolverine tracks and wrote him a nice little note, then
inserted a useful gift (we had wanted to bake him cookies or brownies
but this being the US, he would probably have tossed them out so we
opted for something he would enjoy) in the form of a designer greeting
card, blank inside with a picture on the front of a row of mailboxes,
somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains. Two days later, in our mailbox
was a letter from an address we did not recognize hailing from Capano
Drive. (Capano? isn’t that the mob guy who is on death row right now?)
It was signed “Paul the mailman” and he was thanking us for our gift,
apparently he collects postal images! I’ve been smiling a lot lately
thinking of that.


3 thoughts on “postal images

  1. Noice, eh? Great when you just get something so completely right with NO information to guide you – serendipity….

    1. Why…that’s exactly what I loved most about that moment. I am so glad you said that. You really put your finger on it. It was a moment of getting it, perfectly right…thanks love!

  2. Hey! I took that picture of the mailboxes!
    And you’ve made my day with the new knowledge that, 8 years ago, I in a small way contributed to making someone else’s day with something I created! (because, as you know, I’m not the creative type that you and beth are :).
    The pic was taken near the Brookdale Lodge. Place of weirdness.

    Glad to see you’re writing again – thanks for sharing your very singular view on the world. You have a way of LIVING the mindfulness that I and so many others fail to keep our resolve.

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