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Han Han

I found out about Han Han a while ago and I just love him. You can read about him here, in the Time’s article by Simon Elegant, but the article is frankly quite superficial, and the Wikipedia entry is not much better.

The best article I read about Han Han was from a Chinese website, translated into French for Le Courrier International, as one of their weekly portrait series.

At 28, he’s a real hero in China. He’s a prolific writer, having written 14 books since the first one he wrote when he was only 17, he has the most widely read blog in the world at 300 million hits in only four years, and he’s talking about hot topics: Tibet, Sichuan earthquake, the Beijing olympics, tainted milk, corrupt political leadership.

What connects with his readership is his powerful sense of humor, a sharp intelligence and an ability to point out the absurd in situations, all in language that he has purposefully kept easy to read, clear and logical. He’s even written his blog in English at times! People quote him often, and he’s famous for aphorisms like “There are two sorts of logic in the world: logic and Chinese logic.”


One thought on “Han Han

  1. Oh I checked it out and read some of his writings. He’s certainly got his views on things (although by no means are they that extremely unique/original, really) and I do have to give the guy credit, for he’s pretty level headed and reasonable. After all, his writings are intended for the masses.

    I thought the more interesting thing was the person himself and what he does. I think people can probably learn more contemporary PRC from this particular phenomenon than his blog.

    He’s absolutely spot on in pointing out the fact that the contemporary Chinese culture is one of pragmatism rather than any form of idealism (at least for the metropolises). There are the obvious political/historical reasons, than there’s the economy (himself being a product and obvious beneficiary). The arts and creativity scene in China, imo, had run into a brickwall for a few decades now, and I don’t see the end coming any time soon.

    I’m glad you brought it up, and it’s a vastly interesting topic. I can write everything now and say nothing in particular, so I’ll just save them till I see you. Plus I gotta leave! :)

    Maybe I should pick up his book and translate the original text for you? nah

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