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being creative

This is something I have been thinking about constantly the past month. 

“Creative” is a term that immediately gets associated with artistic things, and it has a connotation of being craftsy, and maybe a bit trivial. You’re creative if you like switching fonts, if you arrange flowers, if you pay attention to the appearance of things. 

For me, “creative” means participating actively, in a transformative way, to life around you, and being aware of constant change in your own life. 

Sure, it can also be manifested by side trips to Michaels and investing in art supplies to decorate invitations, but I think there is a depth and a dimension to creativity that is intrinsic to the fullest life you can live as a human being. 

For me, being creative is always being open to the possibilities, and embracing constant evolution and transformation as not only a facet of life but one of its main elements. 

The most creative people I’ve met have been scientists, business entrepreneurs and artists. 

Scientists are always working on new research projects, they are always updating themselves and you on what is new in their world, in their experiments, and science is so constantly evolving that there is always groundbreaking news that forces them to shift their stance and question their beliefs. That attitude of a constantly shifting paradigm makes for light footing, and a willingness to be flexible. 

Real entrepreneurs, people who live for the new business idea, the next big thing, are some of the most amazing people to talk to. They’re always cooking up new plans for their life, tearing this down, building this up, networking, making plans to visit this place or that place, scheming a entirely new way of life, picking up hobbies, going to classes, making new connections. If that’s not creative…I don’t know what is.  These people depend on their imagination and their open mind in order to make a living. 

Artists are connected to the creative act in its purest form: making something out of nothing. A collage, a song, a new dish, a movie, a sculpture, a photograph. Their sense of possibility is limitless, and I think that extends to their persona. They, like their art, are a constant work in progress. 

So what I want to say with this post, is that in my opinion, being creative in your life is something everyone should endeavor to be, because it acts like a springboard for new possibilities. It’s a richer way to live every minute, if you really believe that you are transforming your reality by not accepting a status quo, repetition, and standing still.


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