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CongoStyle at long last

I’m finally back in Congo after a one year absence and finding the place eventful, fun, full of opportunities for hard work, rife with entertaining stories and frustrating as ever with daily black-outs.

My brother was in town for a few days before he had to return to California to take care of his life State-side, but we had time to enjoy the rooftop of the Victory Palace and its flattering vantage point.

Daytime at the school is as insane as it can be. Injuries or people calling in sick, kids acting up and starting chaos in the school yard, paperwork, bills, appointments, errands. With a large staff and a large school, you never have a minute to spare. I’m mostly doing administration and record-keeping at the moment. When that is done, I have a few exciting projects to work on…

Night-life doesn’t really hold that much attraction, to be fair. There are over-priced restaurants (but we eat better at home) and nightclubs (but you can smoke indoors) and bars (but we don’t drink alcohol). So evenings are a succession of preparing for the next day’s work,¬†reading, catching up on some TV, and mostly reading. I always read an extraordinary amount when I come here, which is something I look forward to. The Zein family library has a large variety of books, so there’s never a lack of choice.

One of the exciting parts of night-life is the “when is the electricity going to go out?” game. We don’t even react anymore, even when we’re in the middle of a good meal, a great movie, or a good Champions League game. We just move on to our flashlights and an activity that doesn’t require electrical power like sleeping or reading or drinking our nightly rooibos tea. We used to have a generator, but it’s much quieter since it broke, and we get more sleep. Our biggest help in these times of darkness are our Energizer WeatherReady flashlights. My only product placement. These flashlights are beyond amazing. They work as flashlight, table lamps and night-lights, have LEDs so they last forever and take easy to find AA batteries. We have many.

It’s good to be home!


5 thoughts on “CongoStyle at long last

  1. Love those lamps!! Much better than my teeny LED torch – hard to balance it & my book (reading in bed). Luckily we don’t have such frequent outages!! (touch wood!!)
    Thanks for the email alert.
    Love & hugs,

  2. Man, I am late…glad you are with family, a different sort of crazy..the good part is that you are very busy! Maybe we should all be in Africa! xoxo

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