Empire of tea

Wing Hop Fung is my favorite place in Monterey Park.

Imagine a warehouse dedicated to selling tea and beverages.

It’s kind of like heaven.

I had a lovely conversation about Aristotle with a young Chinese intellectual who was accompanying her grandmother on her weekly visit to Wing Hop Fung. They both helped me pick my phenomenal Pu-Errh tea.

I chose the $39.99/lb version based on a heroically-written description.

My other options were a boring $9.99/lb option and the magical “picked by blind monkeys in the dead of night during a lunar eclipse, once every 25 years and aged for 30 months in a secret room in the Forbidden City” version that cost-I-AM-NOT-KIDDING-YOU $1,500/lb.

Chinese people do not joke about their tea.

Here’s a sample of what their Matcha display looks like:


5 thoughts on “Empire of tea

  1. I got to go there too and now I am intrigued by the tea leaf picking bling monkeys. Do you get a feeling sometimes that Chinese just about say anything to pull our leg or that they have a very bizarre culture? On the other hand, that they employ blind monkeys who would otherwise sit idly may be a good thing. : )

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