buying sand

diy sand purchasing

When you need to build or fix something — and you inevitably do — there is no hardware super-store equivalent in Pointe-Noire. You have your sand guy and your cement guy and your wood guy and your plastic boots guy…you get the picture. Everything is about relationships here, and you build relationships with everyone. I’m being literal. We have an 8-year relationship with the guy who supplies us with vegetables and eggs, we have favorite stores to get certain supplies, and this shop here, on the side of a street not too far from our school on the way to the Fair is our “sand guy,” or rather, sand guys:

the sand gang

They showcase the bricks they make as well, to show their versatile skills (and artistic talents, I quite like the geometric shapes) :

artistic cinder blocks

I get excited about things like going out to buy sand. I got even more excited when I saw the recycled bags they were putting the sand in. I have lots of friends who hail from this fair city:

portland cement re-use





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