supermarket blues

brand-new supermarket

come gather ’round people / wherever you roam / and admit that the waters / around you have grown

Sooner or later, you just have to stop looking back at the way things were. Pointe-Noire has changed so much the last five years, it’s virtually un-recognizable even to people who have stayed through the geometric growth that has occurred  It’s even more obvious to someone like me, because I used to drop in punctually every year or so, and each time the city had seemingly exploded at the seams and transformed into a different city.

I’m firmly of the school of “don’t talk about the old times as if they were the best times.” To quote another great poet, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The past at one point was the present, and when the past was the present, people bitched about it, and longed for the past before that.

Anyway, all that philosophizing to say that we have a brand spankin’ new supermarket, built in what feels like six months by enterprising and indefatigable Chinese contractors (GOD BLESS THEM) where we can now find such delightful objects as a glass teapot. I’m very excited. We’ve already established I get excited about small things. Good way to keep your expectations from being dashed if buying kitchen implements can brighten your day.

On another note, this is kind of hilarious. French people have generally accepted that “Salade Américaine” is a salad composed of tuna with corn, tomato chunks and kidney beans. Sort of how Americans have sort of decided that baking brie with pecans and apples in the oven is something French people would ever be caught doing.

american salad fyi

This place is seriously fantastic. We can actually buy TOFU. And ALMONDS. It’s practically EUROPE! (but with much better job prospects).


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