animals · Congo

art market

downtown art market

You can find anything here, from malachite jewelry:

malachite from D.R.C.


to supposed rhinoceros bone miniature busts:


allegedly rhinoceros bone


to stuffed pangolins (scaly anteaters) and dwarf freshwater crocodiles:

re-purposed calling card booth


and a few close-ups of the pangolin, for eye candy. I LOVE the scales, too bad it was 800 US Dollars as a starting point for bargaining… Also, there is the valid question of what do you do with a stuffed pangolin.

pangolin profile


straight-up pangolin


pangolin from above

I’m going to quite while I’m ahead with the whole pangolin thing in case you’re not all as into it as I am. Also, I’ve just run out of pangolin pictures.




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