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We headed to a town called Hinda (the ‘h’ is silent so it sounds more like [eeendah]) for some Baha’i community-building activities, focusing on activities of the Faith, teaching, pioneering, children’s and junior youth (a.k.a. middle schooler) classes in the region. I’m just going to say it was LONG but it was still nice, and we had a great lunch, all delicious Congolese food and plenty-of-fish :-)

A word about the cent-cent (I’m a sucker for pronouncing things right, so this is said [son-son] like the sound in ‘song’ without the guttural ‘g’ sound). A cent-cent is a mini-bus taxi that seats 16. These minibus taxis are ubiquitous throughout Africa, they’re called “matatu” in Kenya and “kombi” in South Africa, although theirs are bigger and are different makes, like Volkswagen. Ours are, as I established earlier, older Toyotas. We call them cent-cent because back in the day, they used to cost 100 CFA Francs or (cent CFA Francs). The CFA Franc is tied to the Euro, so it’s always been worth about the same, and now it’s roughly worth about 20 U.S. cents or 15 Euro cents. A ride in a cent-cent costs about 150 now but more for longer distances where they become sort of short-distance buses along regular routes.

We took a cent-cent to come back since Franck our personal taxi, extended family member, wise man advisor and all-around favorite guy took us there, but couldn’t wait for us for six hours. The pictures are mad blurry but They are still fun, and I’m not a stickler for focus. In the picture of my lovely mom, you can see Emilienne in the background, who is one of mom’s close friends.

It’s nice to feel like I’m home, and to be surrounded by so much love and cheer.

a bumpy ride
smiling dad
smiling mom

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