Congo · the school

tree creatures

the trees have faces

(my spoof on The Hills Have Eyes, get it?)

It’s a common practice in Congo to have a night watchman for your home or your property at night. One of our night watchmen is also an artist and sculptor and for a while he carved figures in tree stumps and trunks. This is one of the tree trunks in the primary school yard.

This is a tree stump left in one of the administrative offices in the primary school:

tree stump office genie

You may ask “but what is a tree stump doing in the middle of an office?” and you might be entitled to ask that. However, this is Congo. Where tree stumps can exist in the middle of offices.

I’m a big fan. But a while ago, we asked him to stop because there was starting to be too many faces in trees and not enough faceless trees. And we started feeling bad for the trees.



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