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fuzzy flower

i told you i have no issues with out of focus images

Actually there is a little more to this story than the caption. I dabbled at gardening last year when I lived in California, and my pride and joy was this graceful plant with slender leaves and bright purple flowers. I got very attached to it, because it was one of the only plants I managed not to kill. I noticed after a while that the flowers only lasted a few hours: they bloomed in the morning and fell off the plant in the afternoon, but there were many flowers on the plant every single day. I never thought I’d find it in Congo, but lo and behold, I see it everywhere, and this one grows on the side of a walkway where I run English conversation classes on Saturdays. My master plan is to have a tiny triangular office built for myself in a corner of the school. The office will be big enough for a desk and a couple of chairs, and I’ll paint purple flowers all over the outside wall and plant about 20 of these plants all around the building.


One thought on “fuzzy flower

  1. Perused the entire blog; enchanted, happy for you; sounds so solid-in-the-tummy right. Your blog is awesome; look forward to it immensely. Will miss you, but it feels good girl, you go!

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