Congo · taxis

Chicken Thigh taxi

Chicken thigh

One of my favorite names for taxis, because it really does look like a chicken thigh in profile. There is nothing else to say about this, no anecdote. I just like that you can refer to your cab by a food name.

Sample dialogue:

TAXI DRIVER HONKING: “Hey, lady, you need a cab?”

ME, COMING OUT OF STORE WITH BAGS: “No, no, thanks…I already have a cab, it’s that chicken thigh over there.”

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have finally isolated 12 taxi model names (so far I’ve unveiled 3 in my postcards: the Chicken Thigh, the Carina and the Benedict XVI) so I am planning a Pointe-Noire taxi 2013 calendar. YES. It will happen. And it will be bizarre and random and super-awesome.


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