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Colonial Parkway

I spent a day driving the Colonial Parkway today.

I had a car, hours in front of me, and a deep-seated desire to experience the Fall colors and crisp air, and the other-worldliness of the Parkway, all 23 miles of its winding curves with no stop lights or stop signs.

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Letter to Los Angeles Drivers

Dear Los Angeles driver, Why are you trying to kill us all? No, seriously. I’m having trouble understanding why we even have to take a road rules test if you’re going to flaunt them all constantly, by swerving through lanes like a boomerang, speeding in exit lanes, never using your turn signals, and generally driving… Continue reading Letter to Los Angeles Drivers

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First a ticket, then my car gets hit in the same week and both times it was parked. The person who hit me was honest enough to leave their number, but I’m thinking about the dangers of motionlessness these days. Any number of accidents could have happened throughout the week while I was driving my… Continue reading Impact